Artist Bio

Music was always a part of Dangur’s life. As a professional he begins at 2001
“sound engineering” school. Since then, Itay Dangur (35) has been creating and
producing electronic music. He starts his career as a part of a duo named ” The
Freak Show” (2003 – 2010). They released two albums (“The Less You Freak” &
“Freak You Out”) and up to twenty singles in different compilation which gained
immediate attention by well known labels such as BNE and PHONKOL. They played
their music in a big festivals, parties and dance floors all over the world.
During the time, this great experience transformed into a new Itay’s passion,
new style, fresh extraordinary harmonies combined with complex hypnotic melodies
and constantly changing rhythms, which gave birth to a new image -“DANGUR”.
Dangur was influenced by lots of different genres during his life which take
part in his music development (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors,radiohead,
Muse, Duft Punk, Shpongle, Extrawelt, Ozric Tentacles…..and others). In the past
five years Itay’s new creation is Neo-Trance, Melodic Techno,deep house style
music. In this period the new sounds came up, his NEW EP is being released under
the label “WEEKEND MUSIC” and he is participates in a new compilation from the
british label “CAPITAL HEAVEN”. But the best is still yet to come! He invested
heavily in the studio and prepared his new album release. The new music
penetrates into the mind by the reaching to the highest brain cells and gathers
all walks of life in attendance for the same reason- to get to the new feelings
and experiences!