Glen C (aka Geist) is originally from the UK (London area) but now resides in the southern lands of Sweden. He has been DJ’ing for the last 20 years at warehouses, clubs and festivals around the globe to crowds as large as 10’000. He also featured at Fusion Festival 2012, a highlight!

Glen has a range of styles to always be able to adapt his sound depending on the event, location and set time… but can pin it down to a mix of deep tech house/techno and deep house, always thinking forward with the groove firmly in his focus. Gigs recently this last year have been playing alongside big names such as Super Flu, Der Dritte Raum, Kant, Teenage Mutants, Oliver Koletzki, The Glitz, Andreas Henneberg, Dan Caster and Berlin headliner, Midas 104 to name just a few.

Glen started producing years ago but only really released anything around 2009 which was based around his old interest in progressive. As his DJ taste and style changed so did his interest with what he wanted to produce, and so Geist was born mid 2012. Bringing the tempo down and trying to find a balance between deep groove and interesting progression has been the aim of Geist, something Glen has been honing his skills on with many EP and compilation releases. After months of hard work Glen finalized his first Geist album ‘Stimuli’ in early 2014 and was released to great support from some of the scenes biggest players.

Then on to 2015 which proved to be a busy time for his Geist project, first with an EP in collaboration with the very talented and well know hang drum duo, Hang Massive. After, followed releases on some top labels like Parquet Records, Lowbit, Asymmetric, Movement and Beat Boutique. There was also a compilation by Glen C Geist on the massive Danish label, Iboga. Deviations part 1 brought some deep tech sounds to the progressive/psy power house. So much so that Iboga Records have asked him to compile part 2 of the now acclaimed Deviations series, something that has kept him busy for almost a year finding the best material, which is released in February 2017.

2016 has seen again some strong releases for Geist on Tulipa Recordings, Bad Pony, Inmost Records, Twisted Frequencies and Beat Boutique. . Furthermore Glen has been working the last 2 years on his next Geist album (A Million Shadows Before Dawn), which was released to great response at the end of 2016!