John Plate

Located deep within the circuitry of a mechanical alien host known as Plate you will find a complex web of synaptic dispersements resembling what could be called a soul. And this soul which drives it’s host and manipulates it’s every move is finally beginning to emerge. Its name is John Plate. The emergence of such an entity has been the result of a need for feeling, a need for interplanetary funk. We as humans consider this need a feeling, a feeling rooted in emotion, and
emotion being the very basis of humanity. !
To explain the evolutionary process behind John Plate’s existance we must travel back to 1998, to the beginning of his creativity. At the start…Plate was attending a party in the city, it was the end of the nineties, it was then that there was a desire and a great sense of itself change the world and to write music. Plate began experimenting with hardware modules containing knobs and keys to form his early musical compositions. !
After many years of prolific works on such labels as Friday-Lights, MoonShake Records, Supercool, BomBeatz Music, Gush Records, Starblocks Music. In 2013 Plate was interesting collaboration with Liza Odinokikh, to show her collection at AuroraFashionWeek, musical accompaniment music was called Puzzle Square.
As records of the podcasts for friends from Moscow, founders of parties of Ghetto Kingdom. !
The profound change has taken John Plate from the complex life in Saint – Petersburg. The sunny and relaxed atmosphere has been quite useful to Plate in his lengthy inward journey that is very apparent in his music. Huge flow of parties held in this city, unusual people of this city, that’s what gives the present Plate inspiration and a breath of freedom.