Vodka, crude oil, meticulously engineered self-stacking dolls:Russia is famous for a lot of things. Floor-filling techno isnot one of them. Its a good job, then, that young Russianproducer Tesla has never been driven by musicalconvention. Tesla, real name Filipp Lozovsky, comes from asmall town in Russia called Krymsk. His career received itsignition when one of his early tracks was picked up andsupported by Spartaque and DJ Bruno. It was the breakTesla had been waiting for. Since then, his progressiveapproach to techno has inspired a string of successfulreleases on heavyweight techno labels like Stereo SevenPlus, Neurotraxx and 1605 the label of legendary technoguru Umek. Mechanic percussive elements clatter their waythrough chameleon musical landscapes that change colourand shift gear unrelentingly. Piercing synths and menacingbass lines are yet more evidence of the abiding quality thathas seen Tesla become a regular in the charts of leadingclub music portals like Beatport and Trackitdown. Pioneeringtechno from a small town in Russia? With Tesla it was onlyever a matter of time.