Unique Repeat

Both being into music creation since a long time, Dan and Sinan watch one another going through various stages of rhythm and sound. As much as the two best friends agree with each other in general- their musical activities always seem to be too heterogeneous for any mutual project… until 2011: All of a sudden, their creative vibes fall in sync and complement each other in one huge, irresistibly catchy groove: Unique Repeat.At this moment their divergent backgrounds make perfect sense, adding up in a style that is characterized by an open-minded, genre-crossing feeling. The shuffled groove of frisky Tech House meets the quirkiness of cartoon-like, sometimes even kafkaesque sound effects. Neo-trancy melody layers mix up with quotes from retro synths. All together this creates a very dynamic, constant morph of styles and atmospheres. Which again lives up to it’s fullest during the Unique Repeat live acts, when Dan and Sinan exchange their rhythmic ideas in a riot of escalating sounds.