Victor Ezcurdia is one of the best known and respected DJ ́s in the electronic music scene in Mexico and is now consolidating a very important name worldwide. From Berlin to Sao Paulo, from Ibiza to San Francisco, his name has reached countless clubs and festivals. On 2003 and 2011 he was recognized as the “Best Dj of the Year” in Mexico. On 2012 he and 2017 he was recognized as “Best Techno DJ of the Year” in Mexico too. He is the man behind the loved record label Sounds of Earth. With outstanding releases on labels like Jannowitz, Ballroom, Lauter Unfug, Sprout, Digital Structures, Flash Recordings and many more, Vazik has developed a unique style; a dynamic, groovy, deep and hypnotic fusion of genres that perfectly fits in any kind of club or open-air festival.