Head of this label Kirill Diamandy a.k.a Diamandy writing his words on the next interview of Lights and Shadows. Diamandy is a rising star at the  Techno scene with a lot of releases in his catalog.

We invited Kirill to tell us his thoughts for this Lights and Shadows interview.

1.Share with us some words about your early years and how did you become a DJ/Producer?

Hello Everyone.

I always loved and studied music. From 6 years old I was going to music school and my college degree is in sound engineering.

My first steps in production were on ’’Re-Birth’’ software when I was 13. I got this new PC and my friend gave me Rebirth software. Basically, it is 2 synths of 303, and 2 drum machines linked together. I got fascinated by what those loops can do and what those synths can tell. Then the usual ’Fruity Loops’ mania kicked in and by age 18 (after like 3 amateur and childish albums) I started to explore Cubase. I did some tracks with my friend ’’Kulten Yeuk’’ and we had a project of Dark Psy terror trance called ’’Paralyze System’’.

Back in the days, it was a really popular genre in Israel so I kinda grew up on it. We got few releases but not really something serious. Then by the age 20, I changed my direction to Techno and also met Flippers (Aviv Shriki) and we produced a track called ’’6 hours’’ (in his studio and we were pretty dizzy after a party we organized in Haifa) and it was my first official release on ’’Lo-Kik Records’’. From then – I started to produce myself under ’’Diamandy’’ project.

2.What were the main highlights that occurred for you since the start of your music career?

Of course, I remember the first gig. It was really hardcore trance underground in the south of Israel and I was only 18. I played in 6 in the morning and I had no idea how to DJ back then – however it worked out just fine (I guess people have pretty hyped already haha) and then I understood that performing is an addiction. Another highlight is when I met ’Yuli Fershtat’’ aka Perfect Stranger – and he liked my old track ’I am a spider’ and asked for more tracks for his label. The fact is that even until today we have no idea how he got the track – he does not remember and I didn’t send it to him – I guess thank you piracy or some promo pool? Anyway – I couldn’t believe myself because he was kind of my idol in music. Then of course first release on Digital Structures label and first Techno gigs all over Israel and Tel-Aviv – I remember each one of them. Another highlight was my connection with KLIKA production in Tel-Aviv for whom I played many epic gigs. The recent highlight is my move to Sweden, Stockholm, and residency at ’’Aftermath Management’’ – an underground team of techno and Psy people that really breaking the boundaries in the pretty conservative country we living – Sweden.

The understanding of another culture and being able to adjust to a new vibe of music but still to keep your style kicking butts – that was ’’the highest’’ highlight for me here.

3.Is there a preferred artist that you like or look up to and/or strive to produce a track as powerful as his?

I am really all over the place when it comes to choosing other artists. I can say that I want ’The Delta’ drive and aggression, Perfect Stranger’s sound and Guy Mantzur’s melodies. But in a serious note – I do not have any artist preferred or looked up to – anyone that doing good music from deepest places – this is who I look up to.

4.Tell us, is it difficult to stay innovative and maintain a fresh outlook while producing electronic music?

Hell Yeah! However, all the retro and not cool becoming cool and then uncool again and it is happening too fast to follow. I think that to keep your own style and not to run after what is popular today is the real key here – maybe it will not give you as many gigs and exposure but it will keep the fire burning and your followers will keep following you – all the rest will come. In this case I really think what Boris Brejcha was doing is a great example – you can like it or hate it – however, the guy NEVER changed his style according to what popular now. He became maybe softer and more commercial – but no one tells him what to produce. I share this vision as well.

5.What will we hear from you as you move ahead?

A lot a lot a lot. I have release cooking for Digital Structures records and it always big releases with them. It takes a lot of time to make. Yuli is really hard to release with – which is a good thing cause he squeezing usually the maximum from my abilities. After tech Records also going to release my remix for Modkraft on 22.05.16 and Techgnosis Records from Canada going to release my debut there – remix for MYDÄ. You can hear me in Oslo in June with Boris Brejcha and Son Libre festival in France also in June. You can be updated on my tour dates on my FB page.

6.Top Five: (Share with us your top five tracks that you like to use on the dance floor) ?

ModKraft – Aural Dreaming (Diamandy ”Spiritual” Remix)

Tiger Stripes – Body Shake (Original Mix)

Flo van O – Zero Miles (Vanderkant Remix)

Diamandy – Chemicals (Original Mix)

Denis Sulta – It’s Only Real (Original Mix)

7.Besides music, what else do you like to do?

I listen to a TONS of music because of the circumstances and I cannot get sick of it. Travel is an addiction also – me and my wife love to travel all the time when I am not on tour. Eating good and drinking well is a hobby if one can say so. Raving, meeting good people, and too much of Series and Movies.

1. Flo van O – Zero Miles (Vanderkant Remix)
2. Ardalan – Thunderdad (Original Mix)
3. Funkform – Imprinted (Original Mix)
4. Anton Maiko – Colorized (Original Mix)
5. Child – Nevada (Original Mix)
6. Bäcksvart & Simon Kiisk – Swim to the five (Original Mix)
7. Tiger Stripes – Body Shake (Original Mix)
8. Metodi Hristov – My Black Is Not Your Black (Original Mix)
9. Monika Kruse, Voodooamt – Highway No. 4 (Skober Remix)
10. Dast (Italy) – Paranormal Effect (Original Mix)
11. Dana Ruh – If You Don’t Know A Name (Original Mix)
12. Triateck – Aldebaran (Alterville Remix)
13. Modkraft & Konrad – Aural Dreaming (Diamandy ‘Spiritual’ Remix)
14. Mark Reeve – Back Door Stalker (Original Mix)

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