Kleber’s Lights and Shadows Interview

We present KLEBER, our next artist interview. Cleber Ribeiro is a promising Techno producer with a lot of reputation on the Techno scene. One of his releases is in our catalog and its called “Kleber – Black Friday / Loco“.

We invited Kleber to tell us about his way in the music industry – from the start of his career till now. In addition, there is a full exclusive set you can listen to at the end of the interview from the master himself.

1.Share with us some words about your early years and how did you become a DJ/Producer?

My first contact with electronic music was with drum and bass style around 15 years ago. A while after I had my contact with techno music, a friend lent me a CD of Eukatech – Isochronic – United Shades Of Techno and I falls in love for Techno!

Before becoming a DJ / Producer I was a clubber, I love to dance and enjoy the parties! I went to many festivals and that’s when I felt an interest in playing music.

I’ve been producing and studying Techno music since 2010!

2.What were the main highlights that occurred for you since the start of your music career?

So many things happened so far in my career, but there are few highlights in particular that I will never forget, such as release of an EP on MKT Rec of Markantonio’s label, on Pornographic Recordings of Cristian Varela’s label and last year I got the support from Richie Hawtin playing my track called “SLAVED” (released by Not For Us Records) in many festivals in Europe and the same track was included on official video of ENTER that happened in London last year!

3.Is there a preferred artist that you like or look up to and/or strive to produce a track as powerful as his?

Actually, I can’t compare my own style with other artists, because I have my own style, but I like the style of many artists like Raul Facio, Miguel Bastida, Stiv Hey, Fer BR, Fabio Florido, Julian Jeweil, BlackSkull, Adan Mor, Anderson Noise and many other.

4.Tell us, is it difficult to stay innovative and maintain a fresh outlook while producing electronic music?

Hard – always been and always will be! But if you love music without expecting anything back, you are on the right way!

When the music is good and well done, you will always have your space in the business.

5.What will we hear from you as you move ahead?

I’ve a new EP coming soon on Pornographic Recordings, new track on Rio Music Conference Compilation By Noise Music with great artists from Brazil, a new remix to Alberto Santana on Spazio Sonoro together with Mr. Bosco and Peppelino, remix to Sonate that will be released on Nell Records and another remix to Nato Medrado that will be released on Medrado Music.

6.Top Five: (Share with us your top five tracks that you like to use on the dance floor)?

Quisan – Musak (Egothermia)
Kleber – With Out Signal (MadGroup Recordings)
Berlanga, Charlie Curtis – City 17 (Raul Facio Remix) (Funk’n Deep Records)
Kleber – Keep the Kontrol (Noise Music)
Nato Medrado – Stranger (Kleber Remix) (Medrado Music)

7.Besides music, what else do you like to do?

I love traveling, wines and good food.

1: MOOV – Moments (Medrado Music)
2: Sonate – Blast Off – Kleber remix (Nell Records) PROMO
3: Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov – Mistakes (Terminal M)
4: A-Mari – La Risole – Gesus Lpz remix (Subplot Records)
5: Kleber – Whisper in my ears (Crash! Records) PROMO
6: Eder Tobes – The Panic Circus (Beat Therapy Records)
7: Project AKC – Bird Cage (Redrum Music)
8: Okabi – Oh My Gun – Kleber remix (Clash Music) PROMO
9: Gesus Lpz – Cosmos (Be One Records)
10: Nato Medrado – Stranger – Kleber remix (Medrado Music)
11: Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo – Heartless – Adrian Oblanca remix (MuthaFunkerZ Records)
12: Gaga – Crowd (Night Light Records)
13: Kleber – Keep the Kontrol (Noise Music)
14: BlackSkull – Pure Eyes (Noise Music)
15: Cosmic Boys – The Day Before – Matt Sassari remix (Form Records)
16: Kleber – Dub Step (Mutable Records) PROMO
17: Nino Boua – Left Foot – Minitech Project remix (Dynamo Records)
18: Reset Robot – Rebellion (Truesoul Records)

You can find Kleber on this social media’s

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