Friday Lights Music

Bakerloo – Working FO EP

Friday Lights Music is excited and thrilled to welcome a new underground project from Germany, a genius really – Bakerloo with his new EP “Working Fo” incl. Dani Sbert Remix.

Karl Oliver Goedicke – the name behind the project – is a pioneer and innovator that built a rich career since early 90’s under many big and successful projects in different genres of electronic music (D.O.N.S, for example, is one of them). However, 2017 is a new beginning for Karl – with a new project BAKERLOO that has already been released on ‘’303lovers’’ and now coming to us with ‘’WORKING FO’’ EP.

For such an epic artist we thought about an epic remixer – and what came to mind is Dani Sbert which we are so delighted to have on board.

“Working Fo” is a perfect club weapon. Heavy loops, pumping bass and dark atmosphere is making this track impossible to resist. In the best traditions of Techno House – a little cool vocal does its job and add the spice to the groove. Beware of the drop in this one – it is dangerous.

“Working Fo” (Dani Sbert Remix), Dani – the hot talent from Spain – is taking the original and adds to it even more power. Dani is known for his minimalistic and big sound – and here we’re getting no exception. Huge kick and a saw synth before the drop – making us work even harder.

“Mysterious Customs” taking us to the wobbly side of tech house. Melodic, Mysterious and groovy – the track speaks for itself. Bakerloo delivering here a fantastic tune that can be played both day and night, in and out.