Friday Lights Music

S’il Vouz Play – Funkish

Friday Lights Music are endlessly excited and proud to release this warm, disco-house release by ‘S’il Vouz Play’ – Funkish. With strong remixes support from Stockholm’s finest Bäcksvart, Mathias Hinds and dPop. ‘’S’il Vouz Play” is a new duo project all the way from north of Israel, crafted by Eli Keselman – a known and fantastic DJ, nightlife entrepreneur and owner of legendary parties 04. The second half of the project is Omer Kadosh – a known pioneer from the higher BPM genres that exploring the kingdom of deeper and slower music.

‘’Funkish” original is one of those tracks that when you hear it the first time – you go and press on a repeat button. At least this is what happened to us. A warm and positive vibe with a disco or even almost rock n roll beat cannot leave you careless. Rich experience of Omer with instruments gives the track alive vibe while Eli sampling a funk legend speech about…FUNK!
Guitars, organs, synths – it is all there perfectly brewed and connected together. The wanting while listening to the track is to put some rollers on while spinning to a disco ball light. A perfect anthem for any room, festival, after party, car ride or just a lazy home listening.

‘’Funkish” remix by Bäcksvart and Mathias Hinds is a perfect minimalistic tune with a housy approach. They give up on all the glamour of the original by taking just a few elements and creating almost a b-side version with amazing rhythm, precise low ends and long delays. Both artists are not strangers to the local scene and Sweden – they hold very successful line of parties ‘’Neu” where they explore the sound of house and rhythm – so you are dealing with the best out there!

‘’Funkish” remix by dPop is a house heavy bass track with a clear orientation – to make you dance endlessly. Douglas taking a few key elements from the original and creating a spiral of sounds and rhythms into effective drops and here we have a dancefloor weapon. dPop is a known name in local Stockholm underground and runs ‘’Neu” together with Bäcksvart. Great remix to complete this magical release!