Yehezkel Raz – ceder – Spirituel Et Discret

Our 2nd Release Is From An Exquisite Track That Only Made Once A Lifetime and We Are Presenting It With A Huge Honor Yehezkel Raz is a multi-genre music producer, composer and pianist. He has used Ableton Live since version 5. Trained as a classical musician, Yehezkel discovered his passion for electronic music in 1999 and has been an active artist ever since. He has vast experience in music production and live setups for various kinds of sound performances, as well as experience composing music for film, theatre and dance productions. His unique solo piano and laptop live performance incorporates virtuoso piano playing with Live’s audio processing. Yehezkel is an instructor at BPM College in Tel Aviv, where he teaches synthesis, music production and live performance with Ableton Live. He also guides advanced students on a one-on-one basis.