Demo Submission

Want To Be On Friday Lights Music?
Submitting a demo to us is easier than ever.
we are always looking for the next Adam Bayer or Carl Cox. If it is you, please send us your best Demo’s that represents you through this submission button so we can hear them.
Since we believe that artists and DJs should pick up carefully the labels they want to work with instead of sending everything to anyone and since it takes a lot of effort and time to listen to so many demos because of that, We have joined Sendemo.
Sendemo gives you a privilege e of full review and quick reply, It does involve a small fee but it shows us that you really want us to know you and it ensures our attention and feedback!
Thanks again for your interest in Friday Lights Music.

Must Do’s
– Submit only UNSIGNED tracks.
– Your DEMO must be exclusive to Friday Lights and not to other labels.