Friday Lights Music

Diamandy – Rave That EP

Friday Lights Music is starting 2017 with a huge rave oriented release by label’s manager and rising star Diamandy.

2 tough originals with big kicks, deep basses, dirty loops and acid atmosphere introducing Diamandy’s experience and vision from a rave scene of wintery and dark Sweden. The ultra deep bass remix from local producer Backsvart is giving diversity to this techno EP.

Rave That is uplifting and more party tool track from this EP. Big kick, groovy bass, huge snare and crazy synths with trumpets come together in a crazy floor bonanza. A real party starter!

Rave Pulse is a dirty looped marching techno monster for dark rooms and night time festivals as one. The special catch in this track is that it is not stopping for a second. It has everything that the underground scene in Sweden suggests: the darkness, the dirt, the aggression and the eternal movement. The drop is a real surprise – after a massive build-up the pulse is hitting back with a twist and pumping till the end.

Rave That (Backsvart Remix) is a minimalistic version of the original with extra-extravagant deepness in the bass. We really like how Backsvart caught the mood of the track and took it to more tech house region but still with Swedish cold and cool mood.