The wonderful world of Techno

Ask all of your friends: ‘But what is techno exactly?’ and believe, many of them won’t have the right answer. It’s not like they really don’t know what it is, but maybe they won’t have the right words to describe it. Maybe they will confuse it with general genres such as electro or electro dance. However, there is much more than that in techno, which was actually influenced by the variety of genres such as electronic jazz, funk, electro and Chicago house.

That’s why it is very difficult to define this awesome genre. The official description could be that it is repetitive instrumental music. A more accurate description would be that it is exciting music made to relax your body on the dance floor. It comes in various moods, beats, and rhythms, but it has only one intention – to make you have all the fun.

Defining wonderful world of techno is also not so easy when you have in mind that it is not just music – it’s a lifestyle, too. This genre was ‘the punk of the 90s’. Similarly to punkers in the 80s, rebellious techno lovers and their underground parties were exclusive events made for special guests only. They were the ones who had their own style, shocking and original, totally different from fashion trends. They were also those who have found the best way to match music with laser beams, strobes, and other party lights. In a nutshell – techno lovers are the ones we can thank for today’s clubbing image.

Techno music today is widely known, parties are not an underground thing anymore and techno artists are not some obscure dudes, but real music stars. A lot of things have changed, but the most important things are still the same: techno still wants to make you dance, have fun and enjoy it in a good company.